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Stratagem Insights specializes in perfecting partnerships for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and agricultural businesses.

Services span the partnership/alliance life cycle. Here are the ways Stratagem sets your partnerships up for success:


Understand what types of partners, and partnership models are aligned with your business model and corporate goals. Identify the partners that complement your business’ capabilities and are compatible with your culture. Plan your course of action to form the partnerships that will help your business thrive.


Securing an award from a funding agency or foundation, or winning business as a service provider requires submitting a proposal that puts your company ahead of the pack. Achieve insight into the client’s needs and how your capabilities can satisfy. Navigate your future customer’s risk and cost sensitivities to offer success and best value. Anticipate how the competition will pitch themselves so that your offerings will be presented with clear differentiation.


Reach an agreement that sets the partnership up for success. Assure that each partner’s commitment of resources and decision-making authority aligns with where the joint endeavor needs to go to achieve its goals. Develop an incentive structure that aligns the value created to the contribution required from each partner, and optimizes rewards to each partner based on the substance and timing that generates the most meaning to each business.


Non-Dilutive Funding can provide transformative resources to your business. You don’t have to pay it back… but it is not free. Understand and prepare for the nuances of doing business with the Federal Government. Take measure of the risks to your intellectual property and the burden of complying with numerous regulations and reporting requirements. Put the right resources in place at the start of your partnership to ensure you are able to meet both your business objectives and obligations as a contractor/grantee.


Shepherd your partnership through the inevitable challenges of unexpected events. Build relationships with your partner, founded and maintained on trust and mutual esteem. Establish clear expectations and shared definitions of success and consistently reinforce these. Become the desired, partner-of-choice that everyone in your industry wants to team with!


Matthew Metz


Founder and President

Matthew Metz applies broad biotech business experience and a passion for vibrant partnerships to alliance formation and implementation. Dr Metz has a unique blend of knowledge and people skills that will put your partnerships on track for success.

His perspectives cut across technical disciplines, business sizes and sectors, and cultures:

  • Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Medical Devices, Genetic Engineering
  • Startups, Not-for-profits, Government, Multinational Corporations
  • On-the-ground partnering experience in 15 countries, and counting



**The below press release is copied from the DRIVe website of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services – original post can be found in a dialog window here). CytoVale Powered By DRIVe logo DRIVe is pleased to announce it is partnering with Cytovale, Inc. of San Francisco to develop new technology to diagnose sepsis in under 10 minutes. Using a simple blood test, Cytovale’s technology is intended to measure physical changes in immune cells that occur when someone is sick to indicate whether a patient has sepsis.

Support for the project is part of DRIVe’s ambitious Solving Sepsis initiative to accelerate the development of products that have potential to revolutionize the way sepsis is diagnosed and treated. Sepsis kills an estimated 270,000 Americans each year, with a health care cost of over $24 billion annually. Sepsis occurs when an infection or other insult to the body produces a disregulated immune response in a patient, which can cause serious tissue damage, organ failure, and even death. The disease is difficult to diagnose, and with current laboratory testing, can take a long time - sometimes days - to confirm. Cytovale’s low-cost diagnostic holds the potential to provide the quick information emergency room healthcare providers need in the critical first hours and days of this often-deadly disease.

The Cytovale technology takes advantage of advances in microfluidics, ultra-high speed imaging, computer vision, and machine learning to rapidly quantify immune cell dysregulation from a blood sample in minutes. It uses deformability cytometry to measure immune cell changes, like inflammation and other changes that occur when a person is getting sick. DRIVe’s Solving Sepsis initiative supports innovative technologies to prevent and reduce sepsis incidence, morbidity, and mortality. Sepsis is already a major public health threat, and it could pose an even bigger health security threat in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attack or incident, or as a complication from influenza or other infectious diseases.

DRIVe and Cytovale are committed to a public-private partnership, with DRIVe contributing $749,000 of the total $1.397 million project cost. Cytovale will cover the remaining development costs for this phase of development as a part of a cost share. DRIVe is transforming the speed in which government partners with industry. To streamline funding, DRIVe implemented a new business-friendly EZ-BAA application process enabling this award to be made in less than two months (55 days from submission to award).


Cytovale is a venture backed, clinical-stage medical diagnostics company developing a novel platform that rapidly interrogates thousands of single cells to quantify the mechanical signatures of disease. The company’s lead product is focused on early sepsis detection in the Emergency Department setting to dramatically improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. With promising data in multiple studies across hundreds of patients, the system is currently under development with FDA clearance studies planned in the near future. Cytovale’s investors include Breakout Ventures, Blackhorn Ventures & other major healthcare oriented technology investors. For more information contact info@cytovale.com or visit Cytovale.com.